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Web Development

We have decades of experience in architecting custom web applications, mobile applications and open source development to give your business the necessary push to excel. Our Web Application development is inclusive of:

Product development

SIRI SOFT INFOTECH brings you the facility for Product development, which serves as the core activity that addresses all your concerns regarding your customer expectations and the prospective market of the product. We build customized web applications exploiting open source technologies such as PHP and MYSQL which has the capacity to obtain tremendous results in a very short span of time. And it costs comparatively low.

E-commerce Solutions

We have mastered the art of creating robust E-commerce websites integrating sound solutions like shopping cart, product catalog, inventory support management, integrating payment gateways, multiple payments viability, customer support carting, secure one-page checkout, easy navigability and many other added features with high-end security systems. All these effective factors make it easy for consumers to act proactively on the site. The cost of developing an E-commerce is affordably low and within your reach for sure. With our ecommerce website solutions, you can verily reach a wider customer base at zero operating cost.

Java Development

Java is the most powerful strategic language wherein it is used in almost all the applications for web pages development. Java is used to build small applications modules known as applets for web pages. These applets help users to interact with the web page. We accommodate these dynamic languages to a wide range of scalable applications. Java is used in almost all the applications connected to websites development and other software engineering solutions. Java integration into applications makes the websites attractive, user-friendly and easy to interact with customers. We utilize the power of Java development for end-user productivity at cost effectiveness.

Web Portal Development

SIRI SOFT INFOTECH has all the resources and capabilities to offer you the complete web portal development right from scratch to reaping rich benefits. We provide you with the full-cycle web portal development supporting your project activities. We first analyze your business needs and requirements. Then architect powerful solutions that fetch results to your business. Our Web Development Portal comes in a full-fledged package, which include Portal applications, Portal integrations, Modules development Third-party software integrations, Web Services, Business applications integrations, Data modeling, database design and integrations, deployment, stabilization, data flow issues, support maintenance to name a few.

CMS Development

Content Management System is the lifeline of websites. CMS is used to publish, edit, modify, organize, delete, maintain, cataloguing, indexing, selecting, assembling content at runtime from a central interface. It is a standalone application which creates, deploys, manages and store content on web pages. CMS has multiple roles to play in a website.

We have expertise and decades of experience in CMS development processes. We deliver complete CMS processes, managing and maintenance packages at affordable price. Our CMS package includes designing and development of forums, interactive media like live chats, blogging and messaging, social networking, building brand images, integrating multimedia features like audio, video and graphics, and enhancing your online presence. Rest assured, we deliver full-fledged CMS packages to run your website effectively and efficiently.

With our CMS services, we ensure that your business performance gets optimized at the least expense. Every project we work on, we deliver our best which exceeds the customer expectations assuring them of 100 percent satisfactory results

Ecommerce Solutions

The boom for E-commerce sites has begun when shopping from home online has caught up the people across the world. You can order your needs and necessities; buy products and services from the comforts of your home. To meet the demands of online shopping portals have over-flooded the internet vying with each other to capture and build their own consumer bases. SIRI SOFT INFOTECH is not lagging behind either; it has architected designed and developed innumerable E-commerce portals.

Integrating all your business needs, we strive to deliver the best. Our developers know what is best for you and your business. With smart design and secured functional features, we deliver you a website that is ready to boost your sales for sure. No one delivers the best E-commerce portal than SIRI SOFT INFOTECH. We deliver your E-commerce site integrated with secured and sound solutions like shopping cart, customer support carting, inventory support management, product catalog, integrating payment gateways with high-end security features, multiple payments viability, secure one-page checkout, easy navigability and many other added features with high-end security systems. All these effective factors make it easy for consumers to act proactively on the site with confidence and ease. .

Our SEO experts articulating your business operations help you meet your customers' expectations. With E-commerce solutions you also get complementary SEO solutions.

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